100 years ago a great evil known as The Dark Eclipse rose and caused horrific events to happen. This continued until 5 brave heroes rose up against The Dark Eclipse and fought against their horrific acts of terrorism. Handpicked by the king and queen themselves, as the heroes said what might be their last goodbyes to their loved ones they couldn’t help but think of all the horrible things The Dark Eclipse has done. The heroes marched off to there fight with The Dark Eclipse only to have to fight there god Varvax as well. The heroes fought valiantly against The Dark Eclipse & Varvax. In the end they sealed away Varvax and will be remembered as heroes for many years to come.

Now 100 years later in another world fraternal twins Sague & Signe London and little sister Maritza London have been killed in an unfortunate event, only to be reincarnated into the Nikara World. In Nikara World the Dark Eclipse has returned hell bent on freeing Varvax and ruling the world. Now a new band of heroes plus our three reincarnated heroes must rise up and defeat The Dark Eclipse. Join Robin Lloyd and her sister Kayla Lloyd with the London Twins and Maritza as they adventure across the Nikara World forming an army to rival The Dark Eclipse in this technological age. Form an army and stop The Dark Eclipse once and for all. With 50+ recruitable characters form the Lloyd Army and take the fight to The Dark Eclipse and stop Varvax from returning.

  • 0 of tba Episodes Completed
  • Target Completion Date: 12/31/2018

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